Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Memories and then some...

Well, I admit it has indeed been a while. But then I have a good reason.....i was gathering my memories :). So pictorially unfolding before you...a fleeting glimpse into sights as I have seen them from various places visited.

City Palace-Udaipur. Now who wouldn't want to spend a few hours doing absolutely nothing on one of these? Udaipur is got to be one of the most serene places I have come across. Everything is so gracious and quaint and transports you back to another era.

Hunting Trophy?

A pug mark trail trek in Parambikulam, South India had us stumbling upon the remains of a once fierce bison. Now this place is a must visit, but then again..thats another story.

If walls could talk...
This is the closest I have ever got to a haunted place. I kid you not! This was next to a church in Kodaikanal. Seemingly harmless, there was this place attached to the side of the church. Used to be part of this school for KG kids. It looked like the place time forgot. With moss and overgrowth all over. Deathly silence. Any every time we tried to take a video it would get cut off as soon as we crossed this archway. So had to resort to a sill picture.

Well no story here as such, i just liked them bottles. Found them on Jew street, Cochin. A must visit for those of you who like to collect everything and nothing. Gulley after gulley of all the most interesting junk you promise yourself you dont need but indulge in any way.

Ravages of time
Goa. I dont know what happened here, but it sure looks bad. This church looked eerie even in the broad daylight. Unsuccessful attempts at burning it to the ground long back perhaps?

If only all evenings were of such colours. Sunset from the 13 floor at an apartment in Kochin.

Ancient Chinese fishing nets, Kochin. One would think that with such a huge net the catch must be great? Wrong! It sometimes takes hundreds of times in a singe day to get a good catch. But a very interesting and simple mechanism used to fish. You wi find many of these dotting the coastline of fort Cochin.

Abandoned gold mine in Kolar, Bangalore. We almost struck gold til the guard chased us out!

Who said men dont like make up?
A Kathkalli performer getting ready. It's a must watch and quite amazing what mere hand and eye movements can convey. PS: the performers take 2-3 hours to put on their make up and get ready before each performance!!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

vibrance too brilliant to be described

If you've been told that India is synonymous with colour, then its probably because of places like this. Jaipur maybe hot and dusty and you might wonder why you are putting your self through this furnace like torture, but trust me once you walk down the streets and see the local sights and sounds, the place kind of grows on you.
Chowkidani is a must see when in the city. A package of the total "Jaipuri" experience. A little out of the centre of town, this tourist attraction gives you all there is to see and more. Visit it late in the evening and you find your self completely charmed with everything around you. Right from the local folks dressed in colourful costumes greeting you to the puppet shows, folk dances, local street food, tiny shops selling tons of souvenirs that you only permit yourself to buy when on travel.

The loud music, throngs of tourists, lit up buildings all add to the vibrance and life of the place. There is so much to write about it but i fear i wont do it much justice so all i can say is this- visit it, experience it, and absorb it into your very being. And then tell me if you don’t feel the same.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

and then it happened

fellow travelers, those to be and casual readers,
as i write this, am still astounded at the fact that i finally got myself to put down thoughts about something i am immensely fond of...treading grounds of new places, discovered already and not,my life blood and what keeps me sane in the midst of the madness, traveling! a journey of sorts it has been,but with good encouragement, the desire to relive otherwise unexplainable feelings and more,here i am!

i don't claim to be a know-all on any of the places i visit, but what i would like to do,is share my experiences, plac
es through my eyes and a glimpse into how i see it, be it through food, people, thoughts etc.

so here's to recounting my tales of soils that i have walked upon and you sharing your thoughts and feelings on those you that you have.....

let the journey begin...